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In this page we  will list the various tests and analysis done on Clary sage seed oil (Salvia sclarea) as part of its R&D studies and production readiness studies focusing on product safety, presence of materials of concerns and oil composition, studies were done as part of a 15 years project which was the discovery of Clary sage seed oil (known today as Naturesage Omega-3).

The Discovery Clary Sage Seed Oil as a new source of Omega-3

The history of Clary Sage seed oil as a new and unique source of omega-3 dates back almost 2 decades ago. It began as a broad research project at the world-renowned ARO – the Agricultural Research Organization, Volcani Center - the main administrative body in charge of agricultural research in Israel. A team of researches and experts in the field, led by Dr. Nativ Dudai, who specializes in the study of Israeli floras and the introduction of new crops to the region, decided to research and map a new source of omega-3 from the gene pool of the ARO’s various plant species, in a quest to find a superior source of plant-based omega-3 compared to the existing sources that were known at the time. After a year of intensive research and elimination of various species, the researchers decided to focus on the various species of the sage plant common to Israel. The initial mapping showed over 2,400 varieties of sage with different morphologies. Dr Dudai's team began examining over 700 varieties of sage, some on the verge of extinction. The researchers focused their study on the plant's leaves and, in particular, the seeds.

A new source of Omega-3

One of the varieties investigated (and on the verge of extinction) was Salvia Sclarea, commonly known as Clary Sage. Upon examination of this unique breed of Clary Sage seeds, the team was surprised to find a concentration of over 50% of omega-3 in the oil produced from the seeds. This is one of the highest and rarest concentrations of omega-3 ever found in nature. In the last few decades, the scientific community has recognized omega-3 as an essential fatty acid, and that very few foods contain omega-3 in such concentrated levels. The team was extremely satisfied with their find, especially due to the fact that this is a 100% plant-based source of omega-3.

In light of this finding, Dr. Dudai's team decided to focus further on this specific breed of Clary Sage which they called Naturesage. They discovered that the omega-3 found in the oil was of an extremely stable nature, thanks to many natural antioxidants present in the composition of the oil. One of the main problems with omega-3 from other sources is the fact that it oxidizes easily and within a short time - a characteristic that significantly decreases its potential health and functional benefits. In trying to explain this occurrence, the team of researchers deepened their study to find over 100 active agents in the oil's composition. Many of these agents were known as rare and very efficient stabilizers and antioxidants. The extensive presence of natural antioxidants in Clary Sage seed oil is probably the main reason behind its impressive stability - which also allowed this rare plant to grow in desert conditions. The antioxidants in the oil protect the omega-3 from damage and maintain its potency and efficacy. Such an impressive concentration of "protecting" antioxidants has not been found in other sources of omega-3.

The Safety of Clary Sage Seed Oil

However, the findings did were not limited to concentration and stability. The team also discovered that seed oil contained other highly beneficial substances, like sterols and oil soluble co-enzyme Q10. The Clary Sage seed oil was also found to be free of dioxins and allergens, not to mention other harmful ingredients such as PCB and heavy metals, which are known to be present in certain other sources of omega-3. The cultivation protocols which were devised and used by the research team also ensured that the crops were 100% vegan, natural and non-GMO. As a result, the oil is considered safe for consumption by all age groups, including children and pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Usage of Clary

Sage seed oil

Clary Sage seed oil is being used today both in functional foods to enrich them with omega-3 and other functional benefits, and in nutritional supplements. This unique source of omega-3 has already undergone various clinical and pre-clinical studies to document and validate its benefits, with additional trials and research planned in the near future


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